Tinker Lab

Tinkerlab is about to start up again!

The kids love Tinkerlab!  Parents who have volunteered know that it is a low commitment, fun and rewarding time spent with our children.  
Each week, the children receive an assignment, which has been selected by our STREAM Tosa, Ms. Narmore, and build projects from donated recycled materials or specific materials provided, using tape, glue, etc.

Tinkerlab cannot take place without parent volunteers.  The duties are as follows:
Sign up for specific individual time slots.
If possible, arrive 5 minutes before the start time to help set out the supplies for the day’s assignment.
When the kids arrive, Ms. Narmore will give the assignment.  Parent stay to facilitate the flow of creativity.  You may be asked to help a child cut something hard, help them find specific supplies they are looking for and provide minor support when kids are “stuck”, but overall we leave the children to create their projects the way they want to and do their own problem solving.  Of course, you are welcome to build with the children!
Stay 10 minutes after the session ends, if possible, to help cleanup.

All language abilities are welcome and appreciated.  No background in engineering, science, STREAM or education is required.

Please sign up at  Tinkerlab