Volume 16, Issue 4                                               October 1, 2014



Dear Parents,

We have had a wonderful first month of school filled with challenges, successes, and lots of happiness. Happiness can be interpreted in many different ways but after reading a research-based book called, The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor, research shows that the belief that success breeds happiness is incorrect and in fact the opposite is true. Happiness breeds success! The happier you are, the more successful you will be. Mr. Achor writes, “Happiness fuels success, not the other way around. When we are positive, our brain becomes more engaged, creative, motivated, energetic, resilient, and productive.” This can be a powerful shift in thinking for many people and could have huge implications on you and your children. Our students’ frame of mind directly impacts their academic, social, and emotional growth. Their frame of mind has a direct correlation to their ability to learn and the rate at which they learn.

Research shows that when we are happy, there’s an actual biological change in our brains. The happier we are and the more positive attitude we take in our daily tasks, the better our outcomes will be and the more we’ll achieve. In order for our children to be successful in school, we need them to be happy and in a positive state of mind. We want our children to think outside the box and see challenges as opportunities. We want them to draw and build on the ideas of others. By minimizing the stress in our children’s lives and maximizing the potential for happiness, we maximize their potential as learners.

Carol Dweck, Stanford psychologist, is an expert in “growth mindset”. Her research gives value to one’s innate abilities but places a higher value on the belief that growth and improvement can be achieved if one believes that they can grow and achieve. As parents and teachers, it is our jobs to create this positive, growth mindset. Praise your child for effort over intelligence. Failure can actually be a celebration, if you can celebrate great effort and a willingness to not give up and persevere. Invest in the process over the result. Be more proud of improvement than excellence. Notice when your child perseveres instead of getting something easily. When the focus of your praise is on effort, process, growth, and perseverance, your child will be freed from the pressure of high expectations and perfection and empowered by the belief that they have the ability to change, learn, and succeed themselves. These are skills they will use their entire life!

Let’s all work together at empowering our children to be the best that they can be!

Terri Davis, Principal


Family Fun Day

Join us this Friday, Oct 3rd afterschool for Family Fun Day with Yogurtland.
Our community newspaper might join us for coverage.


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Participate in our “Innisbrook Fall Fundraiser” September 24th – October 8th
Shop from Innisbrook’s beautiful catalog! Catalogs can be found in the Wednesday envelope.
Share it with co-workers, neighbors, family, and friends.
There’s something for everyone! Easy instruction attached to the catalog!
Out-of-town friends and family can order easily online at www.Innisbrook.com.


Our PTA Needs YOU!

There is still time to join our PTA and be entered into our Ride The Wave Raffle!
Please consider joining our PTA organization in support of your children and the great programs and activities our PTA provides.

And remember– all families that join the PTA by September 30 will be entered into our Ride The Wave Of Learning Raffle –with a chance to win a “mini ipad” and other great prizes.

Support our children. Support our school.

Log onto carmelcreekpta.org/mem and enroll today!

You can also pick up hard copy enrollment forms at the front office.
If you are already a PTA Member we thank you for your support.


paw Ready, Set, RUN!!!

Cougars in Motion starts Thursday October 2!

Run during lunch recess every Thursday for a healthy heart and charms.
All parents are invited to volunteer and support this amazing program.
If you have any questions contact Sharon Howerton, Sharonah3@gmail.com or 858.243.8439.


 pumpkin-iconMark your calendar for the Halloween Carnival
Friday, Oct. 24th, 4:30-7:30pm

Activities to include:
Pumpkin relay race                          Face painting
Bouncy obstacle course                   Witch hat ring toss
& a screening of the movie Hotel Transylvania, and more!

Please RSVP with the flyer in today’s Wednesday envelope!


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Contribute at www.solanabeachkids.org by November 7, 2014 and you will be eligible to participate in raffle drawings for a mini-iPad as well as 2 front row seats per grade to your child’s performance.
Don’t forget the company matching benefit you may have through your company!

Let’s reach the 100% goal.

Your $375 per student helps us pay the supplemental programs and teachers! Thank you!

Solana Beach Foundation for Learning at Carmel Creek