Volume 16, Issue 32                                          May 20, 2015





Dear Parents,

The placement of students each year is a task that our staff takes very seriously. It is a lengthy, complex process, which we believe is essential in creating well-balanced classes that will function well throughout the year. Our process is supported by Board Policy 6152 and includes the following criteria:

Teacher Knowledge of Students: After working with the children all year (over 1,000 hours!), our teachers have in-depth knowledge about students’ learning styles, academic strengths and needs, friendships and social interactions, and personalities that work together and those that don’t. ALL this information is considered when placing students.

Peers: We know that students feel more confident when they have familiar faces in their class at the beginning of a new school year so we work very hard to ensure that kids have some continuity with their peer group. We also encourage students to adapt to new situations and make new friends and the teachers KNOW who should not be placed together because of too much socialization or competition.

Balancing Classes: It is very important that each class at each grade level be balanced with girls, boys, health concerns, behavior concerns, students with special needs, ethnicity, academic strengths and weaknesses.

Because of the many variables that go into the careful consideration of the makeup of each class, there are no parent requests for a specific teacher and teachers will not “guarantee” a particular placement for a child. Please do not interfere with the integrity of this process, your child’s best interest is always our primary concern. Class placements are a team effort at Carmel Creek School and they are truly not final until the first day of school. You can feel confident that our goal is to create the most positive, productive learning environment for each and every student at Carmel Creek!

Terri Davis, Principal




Cougars in Motion Parent Day!

When: Thursday, May 28th
Time: 11:30
Where: Carmel Creek’s Field

We invite you to celebrate your child’s hard work this year running in our Cougars in Motion PTA program. Every Thursday the children run laps and are awarded a charm each time they reach a new milestone.  Come support your child in their final laps of the year by running alongside them or cheering them on. Just check in at the front office before meeting on the field.

 * To see your child’s progress email neciasnow@gmail.com requesting account access and a link will be sent to you. Please provide the name of your child and their teacher.

 * Thank you for your continued support!  - Carmel Creek PTA


Got Talent?

Then get your friends together for the annual
on June 11th, 2015!

Sing, Lip Sync, Make up a Dance, Tell some jokes, or show off another hidden talent
at the End of the Year Party and Talent Show.

Registration packets are available in the office on the PTA table and at CARMELCREEKPTA.org
Email Andrea Morgan – amb1312@aol.com or Melissa Catanzaro – mccatanzaro@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you shine!



A message from the PTA at Solana Pacific:

Hello! I wanted to welcome you, in advance, to Solana Pacific Elementary and hope you will consider joining the PTA next year! We have such a great year planned and have elected an outstanding Executive Board to work with!

We are having our general Association meeting on May 19th at 8:45 am – we would love to meet you and introduce you to our PTA in person!

May you enjoy the final weeks of this incredible school year and have a great summer!

Lynne Roswall, c: 858-349-2942