Volume 16, Issue 14                                              December 17, 2014



Dear Parents,

Holiday hustle and bustle seems to bring out the best and worst! The displays in stores and malls look magical, but the traffic and crowds become unbearable! The spirit of giving is upon us but we begin to question if it isn’t all getting too commercial and out of perspective. Patience gets shorter and days get busier. Families become more important but the time we spend with family members becomes less and the quality is not what we want it to be. As the season approaches ever closer, take some time to remember,
rejoice, and renew!

Remember the year we are leaving and treasure the memories. 
Your children are absolutely precious; share their successes and growth from the past year and commit to guiding them through the coming year. Take time each day to share their school happenings and monitor their afterschool activities.

Rejoice in the spirit of the holiday season! We celebrate it in many different ways but the message seems to be a universal one of peace and hope for a meaningful future for our children. May your holidays be full of joy and special family memories and traditions. 

Renew as you anticipate the New Year and set high and lofty goals for 2015! The beginning of a New Year is a marvelous opportunity for reaffirming priorities in our lives and planning activities for the New Year to renew our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Our Carmel Creek Family wishes you and your family a very HAPPY HOLIDAY. May the New Year bring your family health, happiness, prosperity, and peace!

Terri Davis, Principal



Our Foundation dollars ensure that our students get the most benefit from your donations. As you know, Foundation dollars pay entirely for our Science Instructor, our Art Instructor, and our PE Instructor. In addition, Foundation pays for part of our Computer Lab teacher – 20%, which also supports our CCN – Carmel Creek News broadcast system.

None of this would happen without your support to our Foundation. If you’ve given to Foundation this year…thank you, thank you, thank you! If you haven’t given, please make your check out today. What a difference we can make for our students with your support of Foundation!


Parent’s Book Club
January 8, 2015 at 6 P.M.
Carmel Creek Elementary – Staging Area

Have you ever thought about putting together a “Family Mission Statement”?

It’s simple! Order a copy of this book on Amazon.com and read it during Winter Recess Break.
On January 8th, we will get together and share what we learned from this book and how to put together your unique Family Mission Statement.

Need more information?
Michelle Dickerhoof @ 858-829-9860 oceanfamily4@gmail.com

Sponsored by  Your Carmel Creek PTA


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March 21, 2015
PTA Fundraising Event

If you would like to get involved in planning this exciting event, please contact Kristen Bulich at bulichs@yahoo.com.


CCNewsletter.Final 10.29

The STREAM Expo is a non-competitive forum to display student lead projects that are researched and completed outside of school. This project is an investigation into something that interests your child within the fields of

Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art, or Math and based on the theme of Conservation.

STREAM Career Expo- STREAM career professionals from within our Carmel Creek community will volunteer their time to show the kids some of the careers that there are within the STREAM areas. If you are interested in
volunteering as a Career Professional (especially in the fields of art, computer science, and math but all are welcome) please email Andrea at AMB1312@aol.com

More information and Registration Packets are available in the Carmel Creek front office, on the PTA website at carmelcreekPTA.org, and on the school website at http://www.sbsd.k12.ca.us/cc/

*Completed Registration is due in the front office by Jan. 8th, Projects will be due by Jan. 27th. The STREAM Expo and STREAM Career Expo will be Jan. 29th 5-7 pm where friends and family are invited to have fun browsing
the projects and learning from our Career Professionals!

For more helpful information click here.
For links to Registration Package and STREAM project ideas click here.




Foundation_COLOR_tag_geartext_BIG (1)
As of 12/10/2014, we reached 71% ($65,600) of our Annual Fund Drive. Thank you to our families that have contributed!!!

More ways to raise funds for the Foundation:

  • Company matching program
  • Shop Smile.Amazon.com (instead of regular Amazon.com)
  • Support Fun Run on Febuary 6, 2015
  • Support teacher auction items in March 2015

Happy Holidays!

Grace Satoda: gosatoda@yahoo.com
Afshan Rahmati: afshanar@aol.com